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Shower Fitting Aigburth

Shower Fitting Aigburth

Shower Fitting Aigburth are waiting right now to provide you with a first class shower fitting service.

Free Quote - Shower Fitting Aigburth

Please call now for a competitive and reasonable quote together with speedy appointment time to fit your shower.

We will fit your new shower either if

  1. we supply your shower or
  2. if you buy your own shower

and are looking for shower fitting Aigburth to complete the connection and fitting.

Need Shower Supply Or Shower Fitting Advice?

If you need advice before

  • buying an Electric Shower

be sure to speak to us first!

Shower Fitting Aigburth – 2o Years Experience

You can rely upon shower fitting Aigburth when you call us direct on or contact us directly from our Electric Showers Aigburth website.

We have all the experience required to complete a first class professional job. You need shower installers that understand the technical requirements of installing your shower.

Call now for

  •     shower fitting costs Aigburth
  •     shower fitting estimate Aigburth

Guaranteed Appointment Times

Speedy Appointment Times - Shower Fitting Aigburth


The most important consideration is having a confirmed appointment at a time to suit you.

We do guarantee to arrive at all confirmed appointments.

We know how frustrating it can be to have an appointment booked and for the service provider to fail to show up.

Shower Fitting Aigburth will ensure

  • you have a trained and knowledgeable professional
  • your shower wiring is suitable and meets required standards
  • connections are of the correct type and standard
  • new showers are fitted in your ideal location
  • swapped out or upgraded showers are fully compatible with existing connection
  • all showers are fully tested and pressure checked
  • all workmanship is carried out with minimal damage to surrounding areas
  • work area is clean and tidy

Can I undertake Fitting A Shower Myself?

Connecting a shower is complicated procedure and should generally not be tried out by novice DIY home enthusiasts.

Additionally, as describe elsewhere, there are several regulations that you will need to comply with.

Consider things such as

  • An independent permanently connected supply must be obtained from an individual unit to your shower
  • A switch is needed.
  • The switch must be readily accessible and clearly identifiable.
  • The switch must be out of reach of a person using a fixed bath or shower.
  • A cord operated switch is ok.

If you do set up the shower on your own, you might need to have the appropriate inspections to ensure that your fitting is in accordance with regulations.

Our advice. Never try and fit an electric shower on your own – Get knowledgeable professionals to do the job for you.

Electric Shower Advice - Shower Fitting Aigburth

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Shower Fitting Aigburth

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