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Electric Showers Whiston- Supply - Repair - Install - Advice

Electric Showers Whiston- Supply – Repair – Install – Advice

Electric showers are one of the most popular ‘must have’ items in any house. Quick, natural and refreshing showers!

You may be fitting an electric shower for the first time or replacing or upgrading your existing electric shower?

You may need an existing electric shower repair ?

Most electric shower Whiston customers want to know :


What Is The Best Electric Shower For Me And Where Can I Get The Best Price?







This will depend upon your specific needs.

Are you having

  • a brand new electric shower?
  • an electric shower upgrade?
  • an electric shower repair?

Call us with your requirements and we will point you in the right direction.

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Electric Shower Guide Whiston

Many of our Whiston electric shower customers do find they benefit from having professional and helpful electric shower advice. We cover everything from shower types and shower prices to shower fitting and shower installation.

Advantages Of Electric Showers

The main advantage with Electric showers is that they only heat the water used. This is economical and saves on your heating bill. No more worries about the water being cold in the shower. Electric showers heat the water they need, as they need it.

Best Electric Shower Advice Whiston Merseyside

Many of our customers have told us that the best electric shower advice can be hard to find. We know it is hard because there are various regulations that must be met and certain practical issues specific to your circumstances, that will all help determine your very best electric shower installation.


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electric showers advice Whiston phone 07024079021
Electric Showers Advice Whiston T 0800 612 8512 M 7024079021

20 Years Experience

With over 20 years experience and having fitted hundreds of showers we know all the details necessary to ensure you get the best electric shower for your circumstances.

Many DIY superstore staff, while well intentioned, simply do not have the necessary experience to fully advise you. You can avoid many problems by simply getting the correct advice before you purchase your shower.

Discount Electric Showers Whiston Merseyside

Why Pay More?

If you know what electric shower you want – we can probably supply it at a discount of between 5% and 15% of what you would normally expect to pay.

Economy To Premium Range Electric Showers Whiston Merseyside

We supply the best electric showers in Whiston.

Cheapest Electric Shower Liverpool

Cheapest Electric Shower Liverpool

Our range starts with the popular economy model. This is a cheap electric shower but one which offers the best value for money for a fitted electric shower in Whiston.

Our very popular 9.5w shower with jet spray power head �” fully fitted. 2 year guarantee £159 fully fitted (reconnection). We believe this is the cheapest electric shower in Whiston, including fitting, from a professional business.

Includes �” thermostatic control, moneysaving features, sprayhead, wall mounted, nice finish, all essential controls, easy to operate.

Your Electric Shower Challenge In Whiston Merseyside

We challenge you to find a better economy electric shower, including shower installation, in the Whiston area.

Mid Class To Premium Range Showers

Our Mid class range of showers starts with the popular Mira and Triton ranges and progresses upwards toward our top of the range premium showers.

Please T 0800 612 8512 M 7024079021 for full details.

Complete Supply And Electric Shower Installation Service Whiston Merseyside

Many customers have trouble finding a dedicated shower fitting or shower installations service. Many look for a plumber or electrician to replace their electric shower, when a dedicated service such as ours will provide you with a far superior service.

Electric Shower Quotes Whiston – Electric Shower Costs

T 0800 612 8512 M 7024079021

Please call now for your free electric shower quote. Feel comfortable knowing you can get professional and friendly advice without any obligation.

Remember – its always better to use a service which guarantees its workmanship and the parts supplied.

In addition, we do guarantee to arrive at booked appointments.


100% Guarantee Whiston Electric Showers

100% Guarantee Whiston Electric Showers

Electric Showers Whiston Merseyside

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